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Day 18I have spent the last week of my journey studying dreamers in Scripture and it has been so enlightening! I just love studying Scripture ~ especially passages I have read several times ~ and receiving fresh revelation!

There was Jacob’s Dream. Jacob woke in AWE of The LORD and His promise to be with him. HE had a reverent fear of the vision of heaven that God revealed to him in a dream. He had a reverent fear of God’s PROMISE:

  • “Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, and will bring you back to this land. For I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.”” Genesis 28:15 ESV 

Sometimes the dreams that God places in our hearts seem so incredible that we are scared of them. We are nervous about how they will come about. The thought of that dream actually happening gives us a nervous fear. We have that “Yeah right!” reaction because we might actually be scared to believe it could happen.

We are to be like Jacob ~ Get up, PRAISE GOD for the dream, declare our FAITHFULNESS to Him, give him an OFFERING…and move on in that calling remembering that if we have a dream that seems too big ~ it might be big enough for God!

Then I learned from Dreamer Joseph in Genesis. I learned how to keep the faith and to be wise through trials.

Do you sometimes feel like the world has stripped you of everything? Maybe you have lost all that you owned, a loved one, a job, health, dignity and pride, or your way in the world. It might be through choices you have made, or it might be through circumstances out of your control. Either way, you find yourself in a pit. A empty pit where it seems like there is no way to survive.

I learned that God uses dreams to put people in places to further His plans! He will not leave us in the pit alone:

  • “The LORD was with Joseph…the LORD was with him…the LORD was with Joseph…the LORD was with him” Genesis 39:2-3, 21, 23 ESV

So even if we don’t understand what’s going on – we are to PRAISE GOD!!! Oh my sweet friends, this gives me so much hope! In the midst of all the uncertainty that we are facing at this time ~ I choose to focus on the gifts that God has given me, and to day-by-day apply them to my life and walk in His obedience.

Just like Joseph was the only one who could provide food for the nation. There is only ONE who can provide the complete and perfect nourishment necessary for our lives – Jesus Christ! He is the only means of true life for us in this world. No matter how difficult the trials, or how deep the pits in our lives – we can PRAISE JESUS that He will one day pull us up out of that pit and we will never again face pain!

Abimelech’s Dream showed me that God uses dreams to protect His people and His plans!

By revealing Himself to Abimelech, God protected His people by protecting the integrity and purity of Sarah. He protected His plan by preserving Sarah for Abraham alone.

Solomon’s Dream was perhaps the most challenging as it revealed to me that God uses dreams to reveal the heart of man!

Our dreams can be so close to real life at times because our dreams can reveal our heart beat. I love the Matthew Henry commentary for this passage:

  • “What we are most in care about, and which makes the greatest impression upon us when we are awake, commonly affects us when we are asleep; and by our dreams, sometimes, we may know what our hearts are upon and how our pulse beats.”

Solomon asked for wisdom. Not just selfish wisdom, but wisdom in order to lead God’s people. If God were to appear to me and say: “Ask what you wish me to give you” what would I say? What would you say? I will be honest and say that I’m not sure wisdom would be the first thing on my list.

Solomon was taking “delight in the LORD” (Psalm 37:4by his heart’s desire being to obtain wisdom to serve God. Solomon had that reverent “fear of the LORD” (Psalm 145:19that we so often talk about. Solomon was asking for something that was according to the will of the LORD as it was to do His work in the world and lead His people (1 John 5:14-15).

Solomon’s heart’s desire was to serve the Lord and as such, the Lord granted him his desire for wisdom but also so much more than he could ever ask or imagine.

Another Dreamer Joseph is the Joseph married to Mary, mother of Jesus and he showed me that God uses dreams to reveal His plans and give instruction to His people. I have studied this Joseph’s dreams before and I must admit I was pretty excited by what God revealed to me!

Dreams were seemingly an effective way to get Joseph’s full attention because there are four recorded incidents in Matthew’s gospel! Matthew 1:19-21Matthew 2:13Matthew 2:19-20, and Matthew 2:22.

One of the things I love about this continuation of the dream encounters between Joseph and the LORD is the image of His continual guidance. These dream messages come from a God who is continually watching over His people, His plan, and His purpose.

My sweet friends, and I speak to myself here, do not miss this beautiful truth. Sometimes God will place a dream in your heart that will lead you into a place, or a season of your life, only to reshape and redirect you to a different destination. Sometimes the initial dream is a stepping stone to realizing the full fulfillment of your calling in God’s plan ~ and sometimes there may be multiple stepping stones of redirection along the way, but they are all part of God’s perfect plan.

  • God uses dreams to put people in places to further His plans!
  • God uses dreams to protect His people and His plans!
  • God uses dreams to reveal the heart of man!
  • God uses dreams to reveal His plans and give instruction to His people. 

It has been incredible to examine how God used dreams throughout Scripture and it has given me such hope and encouragement to press on and pursue the dreams that He has placed on my heart. Join me on Monday as I continue my journey of 31 Days to Dream and ask God to speak into my life in deeper ways.

Welcome to my “31 Days to Dream” and thank you for joining me on this journey. I don’t hold the road map for October–God does! He started the journey by taking me down a path of memories, some of which I had long forgotten. He showed me how He has made my childhood dreams come true in ways that I could never have imagined. He is giving me FAITH and HOPE for the road ahead. Together, we are now spending time looking at dreamers in the Bible to learn from their lives.
I am excited to see where He leads my dreaming over this month of #Write31Days 🙂 You can find my other 31 Days to Dream posts here!