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Be The Message


From the very first page of “Be The Message: Taking Your Faith Beyond Words to a Life of Action”, by Kerry & Chris Shook I was captivated and drawn in to what they had to share!

The book is split into four sections:

  • Transforming: Your Words into a Life Message,
  • Discovering: Your Unique Life Message,
  • Understanding: The Message That Confounds the World, and
  • Taking: Your Life Message to the World Around You.

Each chapter ends with an opportunity to hear “The Divine Whisper” by meditating over a Scripture pertinent to what you have just read, and a call to “Love the One in Front of You” by putting that reading and meditation into action. I must admit that when I read the words “Spend five minutes in silence before God” I almost passed it by. It is a Spiritual discipline that I am not well practiced in. The way in which Kerry & Chris present it though, is intriguing and inviting and I found myself setting a timer (yes it was required) and by the time chapter three rolled around, I looked forward to my five minutes of silent meditating.

This book is full of constant challenges on the way we conduct our lives, the way we speak more words than we act out ~ “We’ve mastered messages. We haven’t mastered life.”. It challenges the church ~ “many of us Christians in church have proclaimed words without following up with actions…do we really live it out for the world to see?” It challenges the message we portray to the world ~ “The life you choose and try to hide will become a life that shouts. Who you are will emerge at some point. That will be your message to the world.”

So what is the message we, as Christ followers, are meant to live out to the world? Jesus! “Jesus is the Word. The Word is the gospel. Christ, the Word, lives in you. Translation: You are the gospel.”

Our lives include pain and we are to ask: “How is God using this experience to give me a unique message?” We are to use the mess of our lives to proclaim God’s message to the world. First, we are to come quietly to Him and ask: “How?”.

Kerry & Chris give amazing practical knowledge and insight into allowing God to shake up our lives and move us out of our comfort zone to take that first step: “taking that first step is one of the hardest things we will ever do.” but “Too many times we hang back where it’s safe instead of stepping out on a journey of faith, trusting God completely. He wants us to have a life of adventure, risking much to gain much, risking all to gain all.”

To “Be The Message” is to take a stand when “the world confronts the gospel with force and seeks to eradicate it.” 

The book simply ends with this:

“So what’s your message?
And what are you waiting for?”

Pick up “Be The Message” today and start your journey!

Be The Message


You can find out more information about “Be The Message” here or take a sneak peak by reading Chapter One for free! Find out more about authors Kerry and Chris Shook here!

Disclaimer: I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.