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August 4th 2011 ~ First Date!

My first lesson at the driving range! I had always wanted to learn how to swing a golf club but just never been able to get my arms to do the right thing! Jason was a golfer and so invited me to the driving range. Our first date ~ Jason giving me a golf lesson.

I had a cute new outfit! I was the perfect student! I watched him intently as he demonstrated the perfect golf swing. I listened as he instructed me. I kept my patience and smile as I failed over and over and over! We laughed at me not wanting to “hurt the grass”.

Finally. Success. We celebrated me actually getting the ball off the ground! Why did I succeed? I listened to the expert. I kept my eyes on the example he gave me. I absorbed his words and put them into practice. I modified my actions in line with the instruction he was giving me. I understood that Jason was someone from whom I could learn. I was patient. I was teachable. I wanted to learn. Honestly, I also wanted to look good and please Jason! I wanted to spend more time with him.

Give me a Teachable Spirit


As I sit reflecting on that first date. I wonder if I am still that teachable girl at the driving range. Ok, I wonder why am I not still that teachable girl! I am at times but the fact is that as we have become more comfortable with each other, I fail to listen as well as I did…and should. At times I just don’t like to admit that he knows best…which honestly is most of the time!

One thing I do know is that God always knows best. So as I reflect on how teachable I am in my marriage with Jason, I also reflect on how teachable I am in my relationship with Christ. I need to keep my eyes on Christ. He came and lived among us in order to leave us with an example for how to live in this world as a child of God. I need to modify my actions in line with the instruction that I receive from Scripture. I want to please God and spend more time with Him. He is the expert teacher and I am the student.

Teach me your ways


Are you teachable? Are you listening to the instruction you receive from God?

Lord, soften my heart to hear Your truth. Lead me in Your ways. Let me learn from the examples in Scripture as You teach me Your will for my life. Humble my heart Lord, so that I can receive Your instruction. Help me to let go of the pride that prevents me from being corrected. Lord, humble me in my marriage and help me be obedient to Your call to submit to my husband’s leadership. Thank you for Your example of the marriage union You give us and help me to mirror that beauty. Lord, You know best! Speak, for Your servant is listening. Amen.