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I am currently studying Limitless Life, by Derwin L. Gray through Proverbs 31 Ministries Online Bible Studies. This week we are studying the chapters titled:

  • Chapter 9: From Worker to Worshiper, and
  • Chapter 10: From Failure to Faithful

In Chapter 9, Derwin encourages us to get to work on “Crafting a Life Vision”. He reminds us that:

“God gave you a certain personality with certain abilities that would be expressed in a certain way in this world through working a job. And the way you express your personality and abilities through your job should bring you pleasure and Him glory and it should make a difference in your sphere of influence.”

He reminds us that we are to worship God through what we do, and find our IDENTITY in CHRIST, not in society given titles.

“When we work for a paycheck, we limit our lives. When we worship Jesus through our work, God does unlimited things in us and through us that send shock waves throughout eternity.”

When I sat down to consider the questions asked in Chapter 9 of Limitless Life, and to consider the calling that God has put on my life — this statement from Derwin settled in my heart.

"Don't find a job so you can simply go to work. 
That's limiting. 
Discover your sacred calling. 
That's limitless."

God has used Titus 2:3-5 to guide me in recent years, as I have grown in my own faith, and maturity. I have to admit when I first read these verses years ago, I had the initial thoughts of — “Work at Home!?” I want to go out and work! I have come to learn that these verses are God’s call on my life. Whether I work outside the home, or not, God still calls me to work at home! It is a beautiful calling from the Lord (Ephesians 5:22-24), and it is an honor to serve my husband with love and respect!

Titus 2

So, whatever job I might do now, or in the future; wherever I might go, and whoever I might come into contact with; whether it is through Online Bible Studies, or contact with women in my local community/church…this is My Life’s Vision Statement, which is a reflection of the way God has shaped my heart using Titus 2:3-5:

Vision Statement