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I remember being in Walmart one day with my husband, Jason. We were living in Washington D.C. at the time and had traveled to Knoxville to visit his mother for the weekend. We were invited to join friends at a University of Tennessee football game on the Saturday, and, as it was last minute and we had no orange clothing with us, we decided to see what we could find cheap!! While looking, Jason turned to me and said – “Are you going to get a hat?”, “Why”, I said (I don’t wear hats). “To cover your roots”, was his response accompanied with a smile as he turned and ran down the isle before I could hit him!!!!!

I was horrified, and actually felt vulnerable. I normally take such good care of my roots and had neglected them, and it showed. I headed IMMEDIATELY for the hair dye and the first thing I did when we got home was to take care of my roots!!!

In Chapter Two, Part Two of Living So That, by Wendy Blight, she shares Colossians 2:7 with us:

Col. 2v7

“Let your ROOTS grow down into Him, and let your lives be built on
 Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were 
taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.” Col. 2:7 NLT

Are you planting yourself in God’s WORD ~ creating roots that spread through each and every book of Scripture that God Spoke. In Chapter Two, Part One, Wendy highlighted from our verse of the week, 2 Tim. 3:16-17, the fact that ALL SCRIPTURE – Old and New Testaments are God breathed.

When I considered the idea of strong roots, I thought about a plant that just has one root ~ how easy it would be to pull up from the ground. Healthy, deep-rooted plants, have spread their roots in all directions throughout the soil. It makes them a LOT stronger and more able to weather storms that come their way, and a LOT more difficult to pull up ~ they stand their ground and are unmovable. We need to be like that plant. If we just read one book of the bible, we are doing ourselves an injustice. We need to spread our roots in every direction throughout Scripture, in every book that God Spoke to us. Then we will be able to weather the storms of life that come our way.

Like Wendy shares in Chapter 2, Part 3 we need our hearts to be like GOOD SOIL for those roots, that is the only way they will become strong enough to withstand all that life throws at us:

"The seed that feel on good soil represents those who have 
noble and good hearts. They not only hear and receive the Word; 
they retain it. It takes ROOT, and the ROOTS go deep. These 
hearts obey and persevere, so much so that God blesses that 
perseverance and obedience and causes their hearts to produce 
a great harvest. Their lives produce abundant fruit that brings 
glory, honor, and praise to God."

We also have to care for those roots. If we are not taking care of our Bible roots, it will become apparent in our lives. We won’t respond as Jesus would, we won’t yield our Sword of the Spirit to fight the battles, we will become powerless to the temptations around us, and the world will see that we are not being Christ-like in our thoughts and actions.

I was so horrified when Jason pointed out the fact that my roots needed some attention. We should be that horrified when we feel that we have not taken care the roots we plant in Scripture. When we feel God’s Words are not at the front of our minds, it should move us to take IMMEDIATE action, open our bibles and nourish our Spirit.

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