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Sarah’s Swim for Uganda

I know…I know…it is not the money that I PERSONALLY raise that will go to Uganda…but here’s the deal – IT’S MY MOTIVATION!!!

The SWIMATHON is on again this year…

I sat at home a few days after a visit to me knee surgeon…I had been told DO NOT RUN!!! Unless I want surgery no. 5 to come sooner rather than later that is!!! She encouraged me to cycle and swim.

Out-of-the-blue a mailer came in advertising the Swimathon 2014. I had been living out of the UK for so long, I’d forgotten about the event, and then I realized I would be in the country when it was on…Hmm told to swim, then this arrives!!!

I turned it over and read the back, only to see the statistic

£75 pays for a street kid in Uganda to attend school for a year

It didn’t take me long to decide to get back in the pool…but I hadn’t swam a length since surgery no.4 – 9 months previous to that day!

I had participated in the Swimathon, which is part of Sport Relief and Comic Relief, in 2012 and completed the 1 mile distance. I noticed 3 options for this year…1.5km, 2.5km, or 5km. I knew I needed to challenge myself. I WANT this to be a challenge for me. I want to push myself beyond anything I’ve done before…because these children are pushed beyond what would seem like their limits every day.

I have been blessed to do missions work in South Africa. I have bathed AIDS patients; I have seen a 14 year old boy, with AIDS, caring solely for his younger siblings and other orphaned children with no help or support from the government; I have seen children who are unable to attend school simply because they cannot afford the uniform, and are not permitted to attend without; I have worked alongside Mamma’s coming for a days work on the mission in exchange for a food parcel; I have taken food into homes and been broken at the realization that the food I took in was ALL the food they then had in the house.

I sponsor a child through Compassion International…she lives in Uganda.

I have recently become friends with a family who have sold all they own in America to serve The Lord…in Uganda.

I have had such an easy life in comparison to these faces…I don’t want to do something easy to help them.

John 112

No…the money I raise won’t go directly to them, but these faces are my motivation…they are ALL God’s children and deserve our help.

I have now completed 3 training swims and pushed myself harder than ever before. I am doing the 5km swim on March 22nd and it will be the longest swim I have ever done. I’ve never gone above 2.5km! I will swim 200 lengths of a 25m pool. I will be tired but I don’t care! When I think of what Christ’s endured to give me life…to do this for His children, is nothing.

Here are some stats…

£15 raised…could buy vaccines that help protect three children against deadly diseases.

£25 raised…could provide a therapy session for a young person living with HIV to help them overcome the challenges they face.

£50 raised…could help a mother living in poverty in Bangladesh set up her own small business and provide for her family

£75 pays for a street kid in Uganda to attend school for a year

Please would you consider how you could help…you can give a little, you can give a lot! Every £/$ will help one of God’s children less fortunate than you and I. If you can’t afford to sponsor my swim…would you pray? Pray for me to have the strength to complete it and for my knee to behave during training, and the swim! Would you pray for how the money raised by this years Swimathon will be distributed across the UK, and the World. Pray for all who will receive help through the work of SportRelief and Comic Relief.

If you’re in the UK…maybe you could even participate!

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