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 “The only way you can break free from the comparison trap is to embrace the reason you are who you are. “[You are] God’s masterpiece. He has created [you] anew in Christ Jesus, so [you] can do the good things he planned for [you] long ago” (Eph. 2:10 NLT). You do things the way you do because it is part of your unique, God-shaped purpose.”

A Confident Heart, by Renee Swope (p137)

As soon as I read the words “God-shaped purpose”, the image of a cookie cutter immediately popped into my mind. We all see some awesome cookie cutters that we would love to use to produce an end result…we see the result somewhere and go searching for the cutter to create that result. When you press down into the dough, all the extra gets cut off and put to the side, or thrown away…it is discarded…unused.

This is what we do in our lives…we see an end result we want to achieve, whether it is someone we heard about, or someone we have seen. We look to the influences around us impacting our lives. We compare ourselves with them and imagine being them…their cookie cutter becomes our focus and desire. We try to squeeze ourselves into that mold, but in so doing we cut off parts of US…and it hurts. We hurt ourselves by denying the mold that God used to create us. We have all been given a unique combination of personality and gifting. When we try to mold ourselves to the shape of someone else’s cookie cutter, and we cut off part of ourselves to do so…we are then neglecting that part. We are neglecting part of God’s creation in us. When I realized that, it was like a dagger to the heart…I NEGLECT GOD’S CREATION…WHAT! Harsh but true!

There is only one cookie cutter that I can fit perfectly inside and not have any part of me cut off and left to the side…I want to find that. I want to BE that. I want God to mold me and refine my life so that I become the unique person He had in mind when He created the cookie cutter design for my life. I want to be all that He created in me, and not leave any part unused.

Romans 12:2 came into my mind also when I was thinking about this and it took me a moment to realize the connection…

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” Rom. 12:2 ESV

I believe that when we try to be like others, or we compare ourselves to others, we are trying to conform to something other than God’s plan for our lives. When we see all the pictures in magazines, it is society and this world telling us what we should be…to want that is to conform to the patterns of this world. We try to conform to fit the cookie cutter used for someone other than ourselves. I pray that God will transform our minds so that we can truly see His will for our lives, and the person He designed us to be.

When I read chapter 8, I was overwhelmed at the idea of trying to figure it all out in a week before moving onto chapter 9…then the end of the book, and before long, a new study! I heard God whisper to me…“Sarah, you don’t have to”. That is the amazing thing…we don’t have to! All God wants us to do is start…He wants us to come to Him and ask Him to start the work in us, and He won’t stop after a week, or when we start reading the next chapter…

I love the New Living Translation of Philippians 1:6…

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” 

God is not about leaving jobs half done! It may take some of us a day, an hour even to have clear revelation, but it may take months…and that’s ok! He will continue revealing His will for our lives…every, single, day…for the rest of our lives, until we are made complete in heaven.

I pray that we will wait upon The Lord to renew our strength, and trust that He will continue to work for good in us, for His purpose, until Christ return. I pray that The Lord will remain faithful to us when we are faithful, and even in times when we doubt and lose faith. I pray that we would continue to pursue The Lord and His good, acceptable, and perfect will for our lives. I pray that we will continue to look to the creator, rather than created things, and delight in Him above all. (Isa. 40:31; Rom. 8:28; Phil 1:6; Ps. 18:25; Rom. 12:2; Rom. 1:25; Ps. 37:4)

Also…it’s Thanksgiving break next week so we really have 2 weeks in this chapter!!! Let’s spend our Thanksgiving break being thankful that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, and unique in the eyes of The Lord. We need to take our eyes off all the different cookie cutters that surround us…they were not used to create us! We need to seek The Lord, and discover our own, unique cookie cutter design!

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